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SHINECON VR Super Headset V4.0 SC-G04E

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Product Features:

Front cover adopting professional adsorption panel, simple to operate, easy to heat dissipation.

With triangular PMMA aspherical independent dual-lens imported from Japan, it it brings  you wonderful experience of watching 3D movies and playing games, perfectly suitable for shortsightedness within 600°.

Four-dimensional eye patch is made of  PU leather material, anti-allergic, breathable, soft and easy to clean.

Tri-glide button styled elastic band with ergonomic design, is separated bionic and adjustable, suitable for different types of head, comfortable to wear.

It supports Android / iOS smart phones from 3.5 to 6.0 inches.


Additional Benefits:

1. Multifunctional button:one-key for answering and rejecting calls, music play and pause, song changing.
2. Retractable headphone, suitable for different head size.
3. Soft and breathable leather pad keeps your eyes comfortable even after hours of watching. And the pad is easy to wipe and clean.
4. Aspheric optical lenses design. 0-500˚ naked eye viewing support, 500˚ or more to support the use of glasses. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the virtual reality glasses.
5.Goggle: Imitation artificial skin protein with heat dissipation leather material which is anti-allergic, breathable,and soft.
6.Compatibility: VR headset for all iPhone, Android phones with a screen size within 4.7 - 6.0 inches.

VR SHINECON SC-G04E Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Builted-in Headphone

VR SHINECON SC-G04E Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Builted-in Headphone

VR SHINECON SC-G04E Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Builted-in Headphone

VR SHINECON SC-G04E Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Builted-in Headphone

VR SHINECON SC-G04E Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Builted-in Headphone

Product Specification:

Material: ABS + PC
Color: Black
Size: 185 * 136 * 100mm
Lens: Aspheric lens (support shortsightedness within 600°)
Support Mobile Phone Size: 3.5-6 inch
Support System: Android, IOS
Lens Diameter: 40 mm
Wide View Angle: 108 °
Optical Correction: Aspheric design
Sharpness / Visibility / Color: 99% / 100% / 0.38mm
Pupillary Distance Adjustment: 60-70mm
Object Distance Adjustment: 38-48mm
Weight: 610g

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